We know water like a fish a

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We know water like a fish

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Origin of the name Cyprio

Cyprio BV was founded in 2008 by mr Dr. Ing. Sander Heijs (excecutive director). The name Cyprio arose from a personal interest in water and fishing as a major hobby. Cyprio originates from the Latin name for the fish common carp (Cyprinus cyprio).

The link with waste water (treatment) comes from the fact that carp prefer clean water and therefore wastewater treatment plants should work as good as possible (and with the help and advise of Cyprio they do)!

We know water like a fish

A good fish stock is dependent on the quality of the wastewater that is discharged and thus depends on wastewater treatment plant performance. Thus, Cyprio BV’s English slogan is “We know water like a fish”, while in Dutch this sounds a bit corny, so we choose to stick with “a clear opinion on the field of bio process engineering”.

Cyprio aims to contribute to a cleaner environment through transfer of knowledge to those persons in the industry who are responsible for the (optimal) function of their waste water treatment plants.

Our Team

Sander Heijs

I'm Dr. Ing. Sander Heijs and founded Cyprio in October 2008 and have been working as executive director ever since. My background is a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science (Van Hall Institute) and environmental biology at the University of Groningen. I have specialized in the field of water/environmental microbiology. Through the experience gained in recent years I have developed into a senior expert in the field of biological wastewater treatment with additional design/engineering background. In addition, I still like to do active fieldwork and perform lab tests and I believe I can call myself an experienced wastewater microbiologist and "filamentous bacteria expert".

Onno Diekmann

I am Dr. Onno Diekmann and since 2012 I am working at Cyprio as Head of Laboratory and the Molecular lab. One of my specialties is Legionella detection in (industrial) wastewater and air, using (q) PCR. Furthermore, I also preforms  general lab tests such as respiration, nitrification and COD removal.

Agata Necel

I am Agata Necel. I have been working at Cyprio since 2015 as a microscope specialist. My tasks are: microscopic analysis of the activated sludge (flocs structure, higher organisms, determination of filamentous bacteria, Gram / Neisser / Ink / PHB staining) and carrying out of chemical analysis.

Niels Kremer

My name is Niels Kremer and since October 2017 I have been working at Cyprio as a consultant / project employee. My background is in environmental / chemical technology with a particular focus on water technology. At my work at Cyprio I enjoy the most the variation between field and lab work, combined with feedback and contact with the customer.

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