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Industrial wastewater treatment

Cyprio understands biological waste water treatment (with additional physical / chemical treatment techniques)

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  • Would you like to know whether your existing wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is able to meet more stringent discharge permit levels (e.g. under the new Dutch Waterwet (2009)) or that extension, renovation or renewal of your WWTP is needed to meet these requirements?
  • Are you interested in optimization of your operational procedures to ensure a more robust functioning of your WWTP, resulting in lower effluent discharge fees?
  • Do you have insight in possible consequences of production process changes for your WWTP?

Cyprio BV has ample experience in solving these problems, which are often caused by a combination of (process) technical aspects and suboptimal process conditions for the biology. We aim at resolving these issues by optimization of the use of existing installations, which often means that expensive investments (renovation or new construction) are not necessary. If this approach does not succeed, we help our clients by finding solutions with minimal investment.

Our fundamental approach is to find that specific solution at minimum costs for our customer that leads to a stable functioning WWTP resulting in an operational situation in which prevailing problems can either be adequately prevented or solved.

Cyprio offers support during set-ups

In case of emergencies, a quick response is required to minimize the burden of exceeding effluent permit levels, with corresponding penalties (ranging from extra treatment fees to temporary closure). In these situations, prompt and appropriate actions are necessary to limit the damage that has occurred to the biological process in order to obtain normal operation of the WWTP as soon as possible. For this, Cypro BV provides support to the operational management of industrial WWTP’s in a so-called “AWZI-Mon” contract (see for detailed information on the site).

Cyprio BV also provides support for anaerobic waste water treatment. By a combination of technical and microbiological analysis we identify any bottlenecks in your anaerobic treatment and provide practical solutions to your problems. Also, we can supply tailor made nutrient mixtures for an optimal biological activity as well as anaerobic granular sludge biomass (these activities are done in collaboration with Opure BV, Wageningen).

Aeration image and settling tank

Waste water treatment in the paper industry has its own dynamic compared to the chemical industry. By conducting measurements and analyzes, we get a good picture of the current purification conditions - for this we use more advanced multi-parameter instruments:

Cyprio provides clear advise

Our strength lies in providing advice on renovations, new construction or expansion of industrial wastewater treatment. Besides technical aspects on which engineering/construction firms usually focus, we also look at the biological aspects during the planning and realization of the waste water treatment plant.

This approach helps to prevent operational bottle-necks in a later stage (e.g. lack of nutrients dosage, pH regulation, etc.). If desired, we can act from project specialist (providing you support with the lacking knowledge on biological waste water treatment) to project supervisor in the design-, realization- and/or startup-phase of the construction/renovation of a WWTP plant. By employing our specialist services you can be assured that an optimal biological treatment process will occur in your WWTP!

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