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Information “AWZI-Mon” contract

Cyprio BV (Cyprio) has a broad experience in the accompaniment and optimization of industrial wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). Our focus lies with obtaining stability in the WWTP and achieving/maintaining as ideal possible conditions for the biology involved in the purification. This experience is offered by Cyprio in the form of a so-called “AWZI-Mon” contract.

Within an “AWZI-Mon” contract, support is provided to the operational management of the client’s WWTP.

Cyprio provides
Cyprio “tailor-made” support

The degree of support and associated activities is coordinated and “tailor-made” for each customer on its own (specific) situation. “AWZI-Mon” activities include amongst others, the following support actions:

Microscopic analyses of the biomass in the WWTP, periodic analysis of available process data + interpretation and providing feedback, location visits with specific measurements on location, advice with regard to consequences of process changes and/or changing effluent properties, support proposition on the operational management, training and knowledge transfer to the persons responsible for the WWTP, feasibility studies of extension of the WWTP capabilities, limited hardware technical operations support, efficient practical support regarding critical decisions with respect to WWTP operation and Cyprio can act as an expert in communication with the government if required.

An AWZI Man-contract
offers the following advantages:

  • By periodic monitoring of process data and WWTP biomass, insight in the functioning of the (biological) processes involved in wastewater purification at the clients WWTP is increased. In addition, potential bottle-necks and shortcomings in the operational functioning of the WWTP can be detected at an early stage.
  • Stability of the functioning of the purification process is increased and thus an optimum purification output can be maintained (and/or improved).
  • In case of calamities, specialist knowledge is directly available to the customer in order to keep the impact of the calamity as low as possible.

Cyprio provides
value for money

Activities within a Cyprio BV “AWZI-Mon” contract are bought prepaid, with location visits offered for a fixed hour budget (hours spend on travel days are charged at administration/travel rate) and biomass analyses are offered on the basis of budgeted hours or a minimum budget price (instead of a regular product price, which are 10 – 20% higher). For prolonged activities (such as foreign location visits), a fixed daily charge can be offered.

Since Cyprio BV favors a transparent relation with its clients with respect to the costs of the work involved, its customers are informed periodically of realized hours, remaining budget and spend costs (travel, lodging, costs of analyses). If to the end of an “AWZI-Mon” contract optional hours and/or >10% of the totally budgeted hours have remained, these costs are either credited or incorporated in a continuation contract.

If extra work is foreseen or if the budgeted hours are spend early due to the amount of activities requested by the customer, the extra work can be carried out within the contract, based on post-payment. The anticipated costs are communicated with the contact person and carried out after formal approval. The extra costs will be charged after completion (based on actual spend costs and time).

24 uur per dag

For “AWZI-Mon” customers, Cyprio BV is available 24/7 (including holidays) by e-mail, internet, fax or phone for direct support in the case of a calamity. If a calamity occurs, Cyprio BV contract clients receive direct priority over regular projects.

If desired, Cyprio BV can deliver on-site support within 24 hours (when a calamity is reported before 9 am, on-site support can be given the same day). For emergency support a surcharge applies (25% on work days + working hours, 50% on weekends, holidays).

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