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Process water and (bio)fouling

We can help you determine the nature and extent of disruptions caused by microbiological fouling and / or corrosion and suitable solutions.

Problems related to (re) use of process- or cooling water such as clogging, rust formation and corrosion, manufacturing defects or odor problems are often caused by a combination of microbiological and chemical processes. Cyprio BV specializes in the identification of microbiological (biofouling) causes of disturbances in the cooling or process water system. On the basis of this, concrete solutions can be proposed, in which we work together in close consultation with the customer.

Risk analysis for the presence of potential pathogens in process water or biofouling. The focus is placed on the amount of total bacteria and the presence of pathogenic indicator species such as Legionella, Enterococci, E.coli and Pseudomonads. The results of these measurements are compared to the Dutch worker safety legislation and regulations (ARBO), resulting in a control plan for the risk of contamination for the employees.

Identification of fouling and/or biomass causing microbiological induced corrosion. Cyprio BV can give an indication of the type (presence of aerobic or anaerobic bacteria, possibly bacterial types that can be detected with Hygicult or BART testing) and total numbers of these bacteria that can form the source of the fouling or corrosion problems. If there is sufficient budget available, Cyprio BV can offer a unique service in collaboration with the University of Groningen: the identity of the dominant bacteria in the fouling can be demonstrated with a high degree of certainty in the case of successful DNA isolation from supplied samples. If you want to know exactly which bacteria are the source of your problems, this is the only method that can answer this question.

Control of biofouling (biocidal use or prevention). Excessive microbiological growth can cause process disturbances that are combated with biocides. However, it sometimes occurs that this method of control is not always effective or that the use of biocides is not possible due to product specifications (e.g. HACP). Cyprio BV helps you to find a suitable solution that meets your situation (source control by controlling process water conditions, alternative methods to combat microbial growth (UV/ozone), determining a compatible biocide in consultation with the supplier).

Cyprio BV has specialists in solving problems at the interface between industry and microbiology at its disposal. These have extensive experience in detecting and controlling pathogenic and non-pathogenic micro-organisms in the working environment, products and process water. The knowledge of industrial processes and insight into microbiology results in efficient and appropriate production control methods for control methods.

Problems related to (re-)use of process water or cooling water, such as clogging, rust formation and corrosion, manufacturing defects or odor problems are often caused by a combination of microbiological and chemical processes. Cyprio BV is specialized in the identification of microbiological (biofouling) causes that lead to operational disturbances with respect to cooling or process water.

In close consultation with the customer, practical “tailor-made” solutions are provided. Cyprio BV has a close cooperation with the University of Groningen and as such has all facilities for microbiological investigations available!

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