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Rates and Fees

Cyprio charges competetive fees for its activities.

As from 01-01-2023, Cyprio BV charges the following rates for its services:

  • € 90,-/hour for travel and administration hours;
  • € 147,50/hour for desk/field and lab hours (at location of Cyprio including basic consumables but excluding cotst for chemical analyses).
  • Travelling costs by car amount to a price per km of € 0,75/km.


For client’s with a contract (AWZI-mon/AIR-Mon) a discount applies on these rates (depending on the duration of the contract or total project costs).

Bioscans (microscopic biomass analyses – prices 2024)

Cyprio BV offer Bioscans as separate products. Bioscans are carried out in order to monitor the quality of the active biomass in a WWTP and link process parameters to specific microscopic features of the activated sludge. Periodic analysis is recommended to follow the impact of process changes or process adaptations. When combined with process data analysis (within an “AWZI-Mon” contract) Bioscans provide insight in the relation between sludge quality and recent process conditions, thus providing an insight in factors determining the optimum situation and stable purification performance for the customer’s WWTP.

Depending on the service level required, Cyprio BV offers the following types of Bioscans.

Extended Bioscan
(activated sludge)

An extended Bioscan is advised if multiple filamentous bacteria are present (“bulking sludge” situations) and microscopic features of the dominant filaments require colorization for proper identification. .

The extended Bioscan includes a detailed description of microscopic features (floc morhphology, floc structure, filemant types, presence of higher organisms and floc size distribution measurement) of the activated sludge sample studied, including an extended to-the-point summary of important features of interest arising from the microscopic investigation. A detailed identification (including Gram, Neisser, PHB and/or Indian ink staining) of the dominant filamentous bacteria.

Price: € 970,-/ 1st sample*

Standard Bioscan
(activated sludge/bio filter biomass)

When the identity of filamentous bacteria present (or no filaments present) is known and extensive reporting is desired, a standard Bioscan is advised..

The standard Bioscan is a limited version of the extended activated sludge Bioscan. Reporting form will be similar as compared to the extended Bioscan, however filamentous bacteria identification is limited to dominant types identified without staining and no floc size distribution measurement is included. The results are reported in digital format (PDF).

Price:€ 800,-/1st sample* (optional floc size distribution measurement at a surcharge of € 72,50)

Limited Bioscan
(activated sludge/bio filter biomass)

If the client is familiar with the interpretation of Bioscan reports in an “AWZI-Mon” contract, limited Bioscans can be used to monitor the activated sludge condition at reduced costs.

This Bioscan comprises of a report of about three  pages, with up to 6 sludge photo’s. The microscopic features of the activated sludge are summarized in tabular format (floc size distribution is not included) , with a brief and to-the-point summary of most important features and corresponding advice with respect to operational conditions. The findings are reported in digital format (PDF).

Price:€ 690,-/ 1st sample* (optional floc size distribution measurement at a surcharge of € 72,50)

Quick Bioscan
(slib/biofilter biomassa)

During acute process changes (e.g. due to a calamity or plant stops) Quick Bioscans can be used as an effective and inexpensive tool to monitor the condition of the biomass.
The Quick Bioscan includes a limited analysis and summary description of sludge image and feedback. Reporting is done by e-mail including 2 4 photos . Quick Bioscans/scan analyses are only offered within a contract relationship or if the client wants to anylse at least four consecutive samples. No discount is applied on Quick Bioscans.

Price: € 330,-/ 1st sample*

Morphological analysis of anaerobic granular sludge

Evaluation with a stereo microscope (up to 40x magnification) of the morphology of anaerobic granular sludge (form, integrity, granule quality). In addition, a granule sizing is done and an indicative "hydrophobicity" staining is included. Digital report in PDF format. Upon request Cyprio can facilitate an anaerobic biomass activity  test (extra costs from € 550,- until €575,- depending on number of tested substrates) including determination of settling characteristics, MLSS and MLVSS measurement.

Price: € 580,-/ (sample)

* For each consecutive sample that is analyzed simultaneously (e.g. multiple WWTP basins or multiple sampling dates up to three consecutive days) a 25% (each sample separate report) or 50% (one report including all samples) discount is given on the price of each additional sample. The sample discount does not apply to the anaerobic sludge activity tests. Within an “AWZI-Mon” contract analyses are carried out based on actual time spent.

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