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Nowadays, air quality both inside and outside a production location requires increasing attention due to environmental and health and safety regulations. A properly functioning air treatment system is therefore a must. Cyprio BV specializes in basic design and operation of biological air filters and as such provides support in the operational management of biological air treatment installation. In addition, we conduct feasibility studies to determine which type of air treatment system is most suitable in the customer's situation. If the choice has been made for a biofilter or scrubber system, we can if desired, work out the design.

Cyprio BV offers support and periodic monitoring of a biological air treatment installation in the form of an AIR-mon contract. Frequent inspection provides more insight into the functioning of the biological air treatment system. With this, bottlenecks can be identified and the stability of the air treatment process can be improved. The operation of the air purification system is optimized and can be maintained and/or improved. In the event of disturbances in the air treatment process, specialist knowledge is always available (who is also familiar with the customer's specific situation).

Cyprio BV also provides advice with regard to odor problems. The focus here is on creating optimum filter conditions, so that the biology present breaks down air pollution and does not lead to problems. In addition, Cyprio BV advises on the condition of the carrier material present in the biofilter with a biological characteristic tailored to the contamination. Our starting point for this is to find a solution that provides a stable functioning treatment for the customer at minimal costs, whereby the problems encountered can be adequately prevented or combated.


Cyprio BV has several gas/air measuring equipment:

  • Continuous air measurement on H2S, CO, O2, VOC and LEL (CH4);
  • All waste gas components that can be measured by means of Dräger gas detection tubes;
  • Gas washing tests and measurements on chemical parameters (for the complete list of chemical parameters, see “industrial wastewater treatment”);
  • Biofilter filling analysis for moisture content, nutrient concentrations and pH and fractionation of the filter material. Assessment and advice process conditions and/or optimization of biofilter operation;
  • Microscopic analysis of biofilm/filter filling (presence of sufficient biomass on the filter gasket, fungus formation, etc.);
  • Determination of air flow rate, relative humidity, temperature and particle size (PM2.5 / PM10);
  • Measurement of the presence of biological agents in ambient air / workspaces for determining potential health risks relating to exposure to micro-organisms (see microbial analysis (LINK)).

Both inside and outside a production location air quality demands receive increasing attention because of environmental and occupational health and safety regulations.

Thus, a proper functioning of an air treatment facility is a must. Cyprio BV has specialized in the functioning of biological air filters and as such provides support to the operational management of biological air treatment.

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