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Service industrial wastewater treatment

Cyprio BV has ample experience in solving wastewater related problems, which are often caused by a combination of (process) technical aspects and suboptimal process conditions for the biology. We aim at resolving these issues by optimization of the use of existing installations, which often means that expensive investments (renovation or new construction) are not necessary. If this approach does not succeed, we help our clients by finding solutions with minimal investment.

Our fundamental approach is to find that specific solution at minimum costs for our customer that leads to a stable functioning WWTP resulting in an operational situation in which prevailing problems can either be adequately prevented or solved.

For this, Cyprio BV provides support based on the certain goals:

  • Support of operational WWTP management (AWZI-Mon-product).
  • WWTP plant audits, troubleshooting, process optimization (bottleneck identification, solution implementation).
  • Feasibility desk studies + proof of concept piloting (lab-scale: conventional ASU, MBBR, SBR, MBR, bio N-removal, bio P-removal).
  • Basic design (FEED level) of aerobic/anaerobic WWTP’s, basic/detailed design support, second opinion/peer review of detailed design of suppliers, technical evaluation of biddings.
  • WWTP start-up support (for the biological and process part, providing most suitable start-up plan for client’s WWTP and situation).


Chemical analysis and measurements

To provide proper advice, we offer the following (internal) analyzes and measurements in both waste water and active sludge:

  • pH, temperature, conductivity, redox potential;
  • Chemical oxygen demand - COD (on request also biochemical oxygen demand if 10 or more measurements are requested per analysis session);
  • Nitrogen: N-total, ammonium, nitrite and nitrate;
  • Phosphorus: P-total, ortho-phosphate (if desired, distinction between free/bound phosphate);
  • Sulfur: sulfate, sulfite, hydrogen sulfide;
  • Chloride;
  • TOC;
  • Fatty acids (total organic acids);
  • Starch;
  • Surfactants (cationic, anionic, non-ionic);
  • Elements/metals: cadmium, chromium, iron, copper, lead, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, potassium, tin, silver and zinc (in the range of approx. 0.1 - 10 mg / l). Cyprio BV has also put together an analysis package for elemental analysis of biomass in collaboration with SGS, whereby the following parameters are measured: dry matter content/ash content, elements: Al, Ca, Co, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Mo, N (total / Kj), Ni, P, K, Se, Na, S, Zn. From this analysis, accumulation of metals in the WWTP can be determined and/or shortage of macro / micronutrients plays a role in the WWTP.


Our WWTP-Mon contract includes location visits, including certain field measurements:

  • In situ measurement by means of an Aquaread Multiparameter probe (oxygen, temperature, conductivity, redox, turbidity, depth, pH);
  • Ultrasonic flow measurement of liquids in pipes (if accessible);
  • Sludge mirror measurement in post-settling tank.

Sludge activity tests

We perform the following activity tests on active sludge:

  • Aerobic COD removal (8, 24, 48, 72-hour aeration);
  • COD removal during denitrification (anoxic);
  • Respiration measurement endogene/exogene;
  • Nitrification-/denitrification rates;
  • Biological P-removal activity (P-intake and release);
  • Toxicity measurements (acute or after 16 - 24 hours of exposure);
  • In accordance with ISO 81922: testing the acute inhibition of respiration of active sludge;
  • in accordance with ISO 9509: testing the inhibition of nitrification in active sludge;
  • Pilot testing waste water treatment on a laboratory scale (see the heading on pilot testing);
  • Effect of temperature on biological activity in the customer's situation (tests can be carried out at temperatures of 0 - 40 ° C (or higher)).

Microscopic sludge analyzes

Cyprio BV has many years of experience in performing microscopic sludge analyzes (Bioscan). We offer a number of different options, from very limited analysis (scan analysis) to extensive analysis including sludge colorization (Neisser- and Gram, PHB) depending on the situation at the customer. In combination with process data analysis and/or additional chemical analyzes of water/sludge, we can identify long and short-term improvement options or process disturbances based on this microscopic analysis. Feel free to contact us to see what the options are available for your situation.


Determination of the effectiveness of physical/chemical (before-/after-) treatment:

  • Filtration: membrane filtration, sand filtration;
  • Gravitation: settling, centrifugation;
  • Adsorption: activated carbon, zeolite;
  • Precipitation: struvite formation, scaling potential;
  • Flotation: DAF;
  • Coagulation / flocculation: effect coagulants / flocculants, electrocoagulation;
  • Ion exchange: specific resin types or generic resin;
  • Advanced oxidation: ozone, UV treatment, hydrogen peroxide, or combinations thereof.

Pilot testing

Cyprio offers various services in the field of pilot testing. Feasibility studies can be carried out this way, for example to determine treatability of waste water flows that are usually difficult to handle and/or nutrient removal. The following principles can be tested:

  • Conventional active sludge unit in combination with a post-settling tank;
  • SBR;
  • MBBR;
  • MBR (submerged, crossflow).

Activity tests

Floculation tests

Setup for the pilot tests

Cyprio provides clear advise

Our strength lies in providing advice on renovations, new construction or expansion of industrial wastewater treatment. Besides technical aspects on which engineering/construction firms usually focus, we also look at the biological aspects during the planning and realization of the waste water treatment plant.

This approach helps to prevent operational bottle-necks in a later stage (e.g. lack of nutrients dosage, pH regulation, etc.). If desired, we can act from project specialist (providing you support with the lacking knowledge on biological waste water treatment) to project supervisor in the design-, realization- and/or startup-phase of the construction/renovation of a WWTP plant. By employing our specialist services you can be assured that an optimal biological treatment process will occur in your WWTP!

Would you like further information? Do not hesitate to contact us!

MBBR/MBR pilot test

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