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Service microbiological Analysis

Cyprio BV offers various services in the field of microbiological issues and analysis. This includes for example, determination of the identity of biological pollution, analysis of pathogenic bacteria, risk analysis regarding working with biological agents and demonstrating the presence of Legionella in water and air in and around waste water treatment plants and risk assessment of biological pollution of process water.

In particular the social attention regarding the presence of Legionella bacteria in aerobic water treatment plants, but also in the ambient air around aerobic water treatment plants, has increased significantly in recent times. The central question here is whether the biological air quality in the environment of waste water treatment complies with the current Occupational Health and Safety legislation and to what extent activities on waste water treatment entail microbiological risks (with regard to potential exposure to potentially pathogenic micro-organisms). Cyprio BV offers work activities related to conducting investigations into the presence of biological agents in the working environment of water treatment plants. Cyprio BV has measuring equipment at its disposal to detect both Legionella bacteria in the direct ambient air of an aerobic waste water treatment plant and in the water phase of the waste water treatment plant - Cyprio BV can also confirm the presence of Legionella by means of PCR / qPCR:


  • Measuring bacterial numbers in the work environment (in the direct air and/or water in waste water treatment plants, office buildings, production environment) in order to determine the degree of exposure (<500 – 2.000 CFU/m<sup>3). Selective medium plates are used to increase selectivity towards a certain bacterial group (Legionella, Enterobacteria, E. coli, Pseuodomonos aeruginosa, yeasts and fungi, specific anaerobic bacteria, total bacteria);
  • Identification and confirmation of potentially pathogenic bacteria (confirmation of Legionella species by PCR / qPCR)
  • In addition to performing microbiological measurements, Cyprio BV provides advice on working safety with respect to biological agents, risk assessments and evaluation, the use of the correct personal protective equipment (PPE’s) and source control.

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PCR gel image - screening for Legionella bacteria

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qPCR use for screening of bacteria DNA

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