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We know water like a fish

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Cyprio BV offers
the following services:

Industrial wastewater treatment

Periodic monitoring and support for operational WWTP management, extensive analysis packages & feasibility studies (lab-/pilot studies), microscopic sludge analyzes & coupling with process conditions, basic design of aerobic / anaerobic WWTP’s & start-up support.

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Process water and (bio)fouling

Conducting risk analyses for potential pathogens in process water or (bio)fouling. Identification of disturbances caused by microbiological fouling and/or corrosion. Controlling biofouling through the use of compatible biocides, source control and alternative methods.

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Biological air treatment

Periodic monitoring of biological air treatment installations, with the aim of identifying bottlenecks and thus operability optimization of the air treatment plant. Addressing odor problems by creating optimum filter conditions. Basic design and feasibili.

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Microbiological Analysis

Determining the identity of biological pollution, analysis of the presence of pathogenic bacteria, risk analysis working with biological agents - presence of Legionella in water and air on and around wastewater treatment plants and risk assessment of biological pollution of process water..

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