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Currently, we have the following vacancies available.

Junior or medior
project assistant / consultant (M / F)

Company Profile.

Cyprio has been an independent consultancy in the field of bio process technology since 2008 and is located in Groningen. Our employees have a technological, chemical and / or (micro) biological background. They are specialized in dealing with issues in the field of biological and physical wastewater treatment, water management, biological air purification, microbiological safety, biofouling and microbiological corrosion. Our activities mainly concern industry located in the home country and abroad. Cyprio has a state-of-the-art laboratory in which we conduct customer-oriented research and analyzes. We currently work with a team of 4 people, but due to its independent position and good reputation in the market, Cyprio is increasingly involved in larger and more complex assignments in both a national and international field. There is room for growth!

Company culture.

In its more than ten years of existence, Cyprio has become known in the market as an independent consultancy that offers relevant and practically oriented advice based on a down-to-earth Groningen “no-nonsense” mentality. Good accessibility, a flexible attitude, clear communication and a “do what you say” mentality are crucial. Due to our limited company size, we are able to respond quickly to customer questions. . In addition, in the event of urgent customer questions or disasters, we respond / react immediately to minimize their consequences for the client's water/air purification. We have short lines of communication and an open atmosphere, where personal initiative, creativity, sustainable thinking and entrepreneurial spirit are strongly stimulated.

Job description

(32 hours / week with extension to 40 hours / week possible with proper functioning)

We are looking for a motivated junior or medior project employee to support and / or independently carry out innovative and practically applicable research processes and consultancy work. The following topics are relevant:

  1. Troubleshooting of nitrogen removal  in industrial wastewater treatment.
  2. Knowledge development in the field of sustainable wastewater treatment techniques.
  3. Developing pilot tests on a lab scale (max. 200l reactors) for the development and testing of purification concepts for research and our customers.
  4. Monitoring of complex industrial wastewater treatment plants (as a medior you perform these activities independently, and as a junior you provide relevant practical support to the project leader. This includes issues such as purification design science, interpretation of purification data, conducting chemical analyzes and / or short laboratory experiments, and on-site measurements).
  5. Conducting inspections of biological air purifications (learning from independently conducting field measurements and mechanical inspections of biological air purification, developing knowledge regarding the design of physical and biological air purification, conducting short laboratory experiments, performing field measurements).
  6. Conducting Legionella measurements in water and air around wastewater treatment plants.

As a junior you will be trained under supervision to solve issues in the field of (biological) purification of waste water and waste gases and you will be involved in the development of new products and services. As a medior you are expected to initiate and carry out the above activities yourself and, if desired, also carry out acquisitions with (new) customers.

Your profile

For both positions, you have completed a relevant education at a college or university where you have gained concrete knowledge / experience in the field of waste water and / or air purification. Practical experience in the field of laboratory work, microbiology, process technology and / or chemical technology is an advantage. Apart from the above substantive properties, we are looking for a team player who comes into his own in a small team. In addition to a practical 'can-do' mentality, you also have a creative and analytical ability to solve (complex) issues. A “9 to 5” mentality does not suit you and you think and act result-oriented. Of course you also have good communication and social skills and you have excellent command of the Dutch and English language in speech and writing.

For the medior position we are looking for a woman or man with at least five years work experience in a comparable position. Experience with air purification, chemical technology and microbiology is an advantage. In addition to the above qualities, you have a creative and analytical mind, a positive attitude to life and good communication and social skills. Obviously you have a drive to work within a relatively small SME, where you can operate both in a team and independently. For international projects it may be necessary to travel abroad (a few days to 1 or 2 weeks).

What do we offer

In the first instance, Cyprio offers a fixed-term contract for both positions, which will be converted into a permanent appointment if it proves to be suitable. You will receive a competitive salary based on your experience and age and good fringe benefits (education / training, travel allowance, flexible working hours and a pension scheme).

At Cyprio, your commercial targets and output are evaluated annually and your salary adjusted accordingly! A bonus scheme is agreed in consultation (based on net turnover / operating profit).

If you meet our profile and one of the above topics appeals to you, please send your reaction with CV to the management of Cyprio BV, namely mr. Sander Heijs (s.heijs@cyprio.nl). If you want more information, you can also email this address or call me at 050-7119128 or 06-29445446. All responses / applications are treated confidentially in accordance with current privacy legislation. Acquisition in response to these vacancies is not appreciated.

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