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We know water like a fish

Work areas of Cyprio

Our expertise lies in the field of industrial wastewater treatment, process water and (bio) fouling, biological air treatment and microbiological analysis.

Work areas of Cyprio are:

Industrial wastewater treatmen

Cyprio offers support in the operational management of aerobic and / or anaerobic purification. We are particularly specialized in industrial wastewater treatment (but we also occasionally work for communal treatment).

Through a combination of technical and microbiological analyzes, we identify any bottlenecks within your treatment and come up with concrete solutions for treatment problems or optimization of the treatment effect.

In case of calamities, Cyprio offers its customers direct support to limit / prevent possible damage to the biological process and exceeding discharge requirements.

In addition, our strength lies in providing advice for renovation, new construction, or expansion of industrial wastewater treatment plants. In addition to the technical aspects, we also mainly look at the biological aspects during the planning and realization of the treatment. If desired, we test provided purification concepts in a pilot test on location at the customer or in our pilot room, so that an optimal solution for the customer's situation can be determined.

Activities and services that we can offer include: periodic monitoring and support of operational water purification management, extensive analysis packages & feasibility studies (lab / pilot studies), microscopic sludge analyzes & coupling with process conditions, basic design of aerobic / anaerobic purification & start-up guidance.

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Process water and biofouling

Cyprio BV advises in the field of water reuse, recycle closure, assessment of microbiological risks in the reuse of process water and / or recycle closure) and in the event of microbiological induced corrosion ("MIC").

Problems related to (re) use of process- or cooling water such as clogging, rust formation and corrosion, manufacturing defects or odor problems are often caused by a combination of microbiological and chemical processes. Cyprio BV specializes in the identification of microbiological (biofouling) causes of disturbances in the cooling or process water system. On the basis of this, concrete solutions can be proposed, in which we work together in close consultation with the customer.

We can support you by performing risk analyzes with regard to conducting risk analyses for potential pathogens in process water or (bio)fouling. Identification of disturbances caused by microbiological fouling and/or corrosion. Controlling biofouling through the use of compatible biocides, source control and alternative methods.

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Biological air treatment

Air quality both inside and outside a production location requires increasing attention due to environmental and health and safety regulations. A properly functioning air treatment system is therefore a must.

Cyprio BV specializes in basic design and operation of biological air filters and as such provides support in the operational management of biological air treatment installation.

Activities that we (can) perform in the field of biological air purification include periodic monitoring of biological air purification, the aim of which is to identify bottlenecks and to ensure that air purification functions optimally. Tackling odor problems by creating optimal filter conditions. Basic design and feasibility studies for choice of air purification systems.

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Microbiological analysis

Cyprio performs analyzes / measurements to determine the cause / identity of biological pollution, analysis of the presence of pathogenic bacteria, risk analysis of working with biological agents - presence of Legionella in water and air on and around the water treatment and risk assessment of biological pollution of process water.

We can carry out risk analyzes for you regarding the presence of potential pathogens in process water or fouling. The focus is on the presence of a total number of bacteria and indicator species such as Legionella, Enterococci, E.coli and Pseudomonaden. On the basis of measurements carried out by us on water or air samples, the results obtained are mirrored by current environmental, health and safety laws and regulations and used to draw up a control plan for the contamination risk for the employee in the event of exposure to biological agents.

Since 2019, the social attention has increased significantly with regard to the presence of Legionella bacteria in aerobic water purifications, but also in the ambient air surrounding aerobic water purification. The central question here is whether the biological air quality in the vicinity of the wastewater treatment complies with the current environmental, health and safety legislation and to what extent work on the wastewater treatment entails microbiological risks (with regard to potential exposure to possible pathogenic micro-organisms). Cyprio offers activities related to conducting studies into the presence of biological agents in the working environment of water treatment plants. Cyprio BV has measuring equipment to detect both Legionella bacteria in the direct ambient air of an aerobic WWTP and in the water phase of the WWTP. We have developed a PCR / qPCR method to validate the results obtained with the NEN-EN ISO 11731 method (to counteract a false-positive result).

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Industrial watewater

Foaming on the aeration tank can be related to support filaments growth due to not optimal process conditions.

Biological air treatment

Periodic maintenance and measurements of the air purification are necessary to maintain good odor removal.

Process water

Result of RO filtration test for re-use effluent with right RO permeeat.

Legionella analyzes in water and air

Legionella measurements in accordance with NEN-ISO-EN-11731: 2017 often give false positive results! Cyprio has therefore developed a PCR method to minimize false positive measurement results.

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